Our Services
By acting on a cutting-edge level of professionalism, the firm strives to deliver exceptional service, consistently.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Our professionals effectively pursue litigation across all areas of the law with persistence and professionalism. The result is the efficient resolution of a dispute, and where required, specialists from other service areas are involved to assist. This creates a recipe for success that we know is beneficial to our clients.

Corporate & Commercial Contracting

Corporate & commercial contracting is a highly specialised area of law, requiring attention to detail. Our professionals draw on the extensive centralised group database to contribute to speed, quality and efficiency to give clients tailored agreements.

Property & Conveyancing
Real estate and the ability to own and transfer property remains a cornerstone of our economic system as an integral part of personal and financial planning. The continuing legislative change affects planning, development, land use, subdivision, taxation, registration etc. in respect of property, and as such, specialist property service support and conveyancing is required from our professionals.

Correspondent conveyancing

Correspondent conveyancing involves a strong focus on rendering professional and exclusive services and support relating to all property law and conveyancing matters to correspondent attorney firms. We provide services to correspondent attorney firms country-wide, and these relationships are fostered through specialised support services, direct communication with government offices, and experts in conveyancing.

Estate planning & administration

Estate planning, inclusive of wills and trusts, is vital in securing the future wellbeing of a family. Proper estate planning and fiduciary services assist in providing financial security to dependants after death. Our professionals provide a full range of these services to clients.

B-BBEE Advisory

Recognising the importance of encompassing BEE support and advice, we work closely with BEE advisory specialists to provide clients with strategic advice and guidance, including sector-specific BEE planning and solutions.

We have decided not to follow the herd by being everything to everyone. Instead, the firm has become the best in specific specialities and can offer a client the utmost in service and support.